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The Mannings

You only have to be with Mary Beth a few minutes to realize what she said is true. CJ and JJ are the center of her universe, and everything she does is for them. When it was time for Mary Beth to pick the site for her Habitat home, she let the kids have the deciding vote. Their home will be built in the same neighborhood as CJ and JJ’s day care and elementary school, and they ask every day if they can go by and see the progress. Of course, Mary Beth says yes.

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“Crossroads is my thing with the Lord,” Megan said. Right before she graduated from Miracle Hill, she had a dream. She was on a boat. The boat went into a tunnel where the water forked off in two directions. Then she heard a voice. “I really believe it was the voice of God telling me we all come to crossroads and have to choose the right path.”

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