changing lives through homeownership

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Habitat for Humanity of Anderson County offers an opportunity for families with low income to attain homeownership. The homes we build are sold to the partner household with an interest-free mortgage.


Megan’s Story

“It was a dream that seemed so out of reach. When it happened, that was all Kalab ever wanted for us, to be in our own home. This is everything to him.”


Rosalie's story

“By owning a home, it will let my children know they can do the same thing.”


The Manning Story

“This was never my house. It's for them.”


you can give more people like this a hand up through decent, affordable shelter!


homeownership program


+ need

There must be a demonstrated need in order to qualify for a Habitat home. Need is determined by an applicants current income and current living conditions.

Household income below 80% of the area median income for Anderson CountyYour current housing can be described as any of the following:

  • Overcrowded – determined by the number of available bedrooms compared with the number, age, and gender of all household members

  • Temporary – living in borrowed space, government subsidized housing, or on a month-to-month lease with no long-term tenure

  • Too expensive – monthly housing cost is greater than 30% of monthly household income

  • Unhealthy – issues with mold, pests, poor air quality, inadequate plumbing, inadequate insulation, lack of climate control, etc.

  • Unsafe – structural issues, security issues, or concerns with high crime rates in your area

  • Inaccessible – This may be the case if a member of your household is in a wheelchair or has other mobility issues and your current housing does not have ramps, handrails, or other necessary accessibility/mobility features

+ ability to pay

Ability to pay is determined by information provided and collected during the application process. Information on the paper application, pay stubs, benefit statements, previously filed tax returns, and credit reports are examples of the resources used to determine this ability

Applicants must have:

  • A steady, reliable source of income and demonstrate financial responsibility

  • The ability to pay a monthly house payment at approximately 25% of gross monthly income (taxes and insurance included)

  • The ability to pay projected monthly utilities

  • Not filed for bankruptcy within 2 years

  • Not have outstanding collections, liens or judgments that cannot reasonably be paid by the completion of the home build

+ willingness to partner

Applicants must be willing to:

  • Complete 300 hours (per household) of volunteer service to Habitat; this is called "sweat equity" and includes working on construction of your home, other Habitat homes and volunteering in our ReStore

  • Complete financial education classes on budgeting and first-time home buying

  • Be willing to share your story with the community

+ residency

All applicants must either live or work in Anderson County for at least one year and be a legal of the United States.

+ other lending concerns

Applicants credit history will be reviewed for previous bankruptcies and foreclosures. We will also review criminal background checks for serious violations in the past and sex offender registries.


how to



Come to the Habitat office during one of our open application periods to pick up an application or attend one of our orientation sessions.

Our staff will talk through the homeownership program and answer any questions you may have. For more information on open application periods, please contact our office at 864.375.1177

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