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Donate a home or property

Habitat Anderson is always seeking affordable land in the county on which to build Habitat homes. While most of our homes are built on in-fill lots in established neighborhoods throughout the county, we are interested in making an impact with multi-home projects, as well. Examples are the recently completed River Trace neighborhood, where we built 21 homes, and our current project in Melrose Place, where we have built 6 homes so far and have at least four more planned. Call us if you have property that you feel would lend itself well to a Habitat project; we can quickly assess the property to see if it meets the needs of our partner families.

The benefits to you 

·         Dispose of surplus real estate more quickly and more easily than through an outright sale;

·         Reduce carrying costs and property management duties, particularly for difficult properties;

·         Potentially receive a tax deduction for the appraised fair market value of the donated asset;

·         Potentially reduce capital gains and/or estate taxes


What can be donated 

In order to reach our future build goals, we encourage the donation of any type of real estate including: vacant lots or land, homes in need of repair, homes to resell, or commercial properties. 


The process is simple

Starting the donation process is simple and takes one phone call. To learn more about how you can help open the door to more affordable housing Anderson County, contact Cory Lundeen by phone at 864.375.1177 extension 1000, or by email at restoremanager@habitatanderson.org


Your real estate can open doors

The key to Habitat Anderson’s success since 1986 has been community support from volunteers and generous donors. We are very pleased that we can offer property donation as a means to create more affordable homeownership opportunities. There are two ways your real estate liability can be an asset that will change the lives of hardworking families in Anderson County. We can build a home on the property, or we can sell the property and reinvest the proceeds to serve more families.