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Independence is important for Victoria, and her Habitat home is a key part of achieving it. Owning a Habitat home — with an affordable, interest-free mortgage — means Victoria will be able to pay off her debt and begin saving again.

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For most parents, sharing a bed with their child is an occasional occurrence when they have a bad dream or simply have a fear of sleeping alone. But for single mom Tia, this is a nightly event with her 3-year-old son. Nylan isn’t having nightmares; it’s just the only adequate space for him to sleep.

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At 56, Rosalie is finally getting the chance to be a homeowner. It’s not just a blessing for her. Rosalie thinks homeownership will be a great example for her grown boys. “By owning a home it will let my children know they can do the same thing,” she said.

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The Mannings

You only have to be with Mary Beth a few minutes to realize what she said is true. CJ and JJ are the center of her universe, and everything she does is for them. When it was time for Mary Beth to pick the site for her Habitat home, she let the kids have the deciding vote. Their home will be built in the same neighborhood as CJ and JJ’s day care and elementary school, and they ask every day if they can go by and see the progress. Of course, Mary Beth says yes.

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“Crossroads is my thing with the Lord,” Megan said. Right before she graduated from Miracle Hill, she had a dream. She was on a boat. The boat went into a tunnel where the water forked off in two directions. Then she heard a voice. “I really believe it was the voice of God telling me we all come to crossroads and have to choose the right path.”

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Tiffany knew when she grew up, she didn’t want to move from place to place, and she didn’t want to rent. When she moved out on her own, she said, she wanted it to be to a home she could own.

It wasn’t until age 30, when she gave birth to her daughter, Samiya, that she was inspired to really work toward that goal.

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When Sandra was looking for an affordable place to rent, some of the places she and her daughter found were just awful. “I remember breaking down and crying,” Sandra said. “Places that smelled so bad and had holes in the walls.”

So a Habitat home means a lot to her.

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It was 2010. Regina had just come home from rehab and she didn’t have anything. No job, no car, no driver’s license, nowhere to live. “I was staying in a recovery house at that time,” Regina said. “I was struggling to say the least.” Regina walked into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Murray Ave. She was just looking around, not really thinking about how Habitat might be able to help her.

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